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Venice (Venezia)
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Founded in the 7th century, Torcello is nearby Venice and was a thriving community and commercial town by the 12th century, containing many impressive attractions, including palaces, churches, shipyards and docks. At its peak, Torcello was home to a population of around 20,000 people.

With the rise of Venice, Torcello island went into decline and today is home to a much smaller of around 100 people. It is fascinating to walk around Torcello, imagining the busy town that used to stand here many centuries ago.

Attractions at Torcello, nearby Venice, include some truly magnificent Byzantine mosaics in the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta and the Torcello Cathedral. Torcello is a popular excursion from nearby Venice and is full of strong reminders of the importance, wealth and history of the island.

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